Summer Dreams

Part I Dreaming of summer and looking forward to long hot days… How many times have you imagined paddling in the sea when studying for your exam? Have you thought of long walks along the beach while writing your coursework?  Have you pictured yourself watching the stars from the deck of the boat when you were doing a research for your class? Well, summer is here but are you living it to the fullest?                                                                  No one will make your … Continue reading

Summer Programs for High School Students

Summer camps give lifelong memories and it is important to choose right camp to make sure that these memories will good ones. Many High school students find that nothing gives  better experience and skills than a summer program in a camp.  Wrong camp can make your awesome summer a nightmare. So, choose wisely. Many parents like summer camps beacuse they give controlled independence. On the other hand, you can decide how much of your independence  should be controlled. There is always a way to  enjoy life in the summer camp. Your school life is about to finish and living in the camp will be great for decisions making skills. Living … Continue reading

Why Study in Summer?

While most of the students are looking forward to summer holidays, some of your friends choose summer semester instead of padling in the sea, partying and having fun. Before you make up your mind and say they are insane, consider  all the benfits they get. Summer semester gives wonderful opportunity to graduate earlier than others. Isn’t it wonderful to be the first one to finish  your study and grab first available vacancies ont he market? It could have been not the best school year in your life and perhaps you need to catch up with other students in your class. Summer semester gives you  a wonderful chance to gain inclomplete … Continue reading