Travel for Free. Part I

Travel the World for Free

Part I

University is your perfect time for travelling. But most of the students are too busy paying out loans or working on part-time jobs. If you are determined to see the world, simply turn on your creativity. There is always a way to travel the world for free. Not sure you can? Keep reading!

1. Various study schemes and exchanges

There is  a number of limited grants for studying in China, India and others each year. The government will pay for your accommodation and  transport in those countries. Your home  university is  expected to cover the cost of international travelling. Start looking for such opportunities early as many other students will be interested. Different language, food, customs will give you unforgettable experience even if you do not like them.

2. Travel grants

If you make some research you will find some national and international organisations that fund travelling. But they obvious that not every single trip is considered worthwhile. You should spend some time to prepare a plan that will demonstrate how this trip will influence your personal development, but  be precise and follow individual specifications of each organization since they all have different criteria. Grant applications take some  skills in writing, so if you are not sure you can manage independently, turn to professional writers.

3. ESL teaching abroad

ESL teaching abroad

Student travellers will  certainly find that teaching is one of the best opportunities. If you choose this option, try searching for a job online. There are numerous job boards that will offer you possibilities  in Asia, Latin America, Europe, Russia and Africa. Most of the schools will cover all your travelling expenses and pay for your accommodation. The salary will not be huge but it will allow you to have comfortable life style and even save some money for your tuition fee.

4. Challenging opportunities

Competitions do not guarantee your travelling but on the other hand you have nothing much to lose when entering some  contests for photographers or writers. Consider scholarships offered by World Nomads or very popular They  offer opportunities even for bloggers and documentary-makers. Use your imagination and win cash to travel.

5. Studying overseas

Most of university degree courses offer a semester or  a school year overseas. Many schools have individual exchange schemes with European and Asian universities. You will have to do some independent research or consult your counselor to collect all the relevant information. Some schools offer summer semester abroad. Grab any opportunity and add some fun to your life.

Disadvantages of E-Learning

Disadvantages of Online Education

1.      More Time on Study

It might be hard to believe that completing assignments and study online will take longer than any  on-campus education. Since online education is text-based, you will have to communicate through typing with other students and your professor. Even if you are good in speed typing it will take longer than speaking. Moreover, reading your  study materials will be more time consuming than listening. It is more likely that an online environment will give you more than classroom instructions, but you will make much more effort to have some progress in  e-learning.

2.      Temptation of Being Lazy

While it is great to have no fixed time for your classes and no annoying reminders of upcoming exams or term papers, online education makes it easy to put off your tasks. Somehow hours of delay become days and then weeks. Suddenly it is the end of the semester  and you are absolutely not ready to pass any exams. E-learning takes great  time management skills and not many students are likely to have them. Do not get desperate! There is always professional academic help.

3.      Study in Isolation.

Not many people like to be left alone with their computer. Many young people and teenagers will find it terrifying. Virtual communication will never give real warmth of human communication. Although short e-mail to your instructor or a classmate  will make you feel better. Being connected to community is important.disadvanatges of e-learning

4.       Creative approach to learning.

Wise professor will always let his students to find their personal way to study.  Online learning won’t give you much choice here. You will have to find your own approach to everything you have to learn. There won’t  be any  lecturer or instructor to give you a word of advice instantly. On the other hand, you can always use messengers and e-mails to seek help.

5.      Are You Mature to be  Independent?

 No one else will be responsible for your e-learning  but you alone. Teenagers and young adults do not have the sense of  responsibility to handle all their tasks on time. Being well-organized takes mature approach to life. Many young people can not manage all challenges of independent study and fail their study online.

So, it is up to you and your self organization to succeed in e-learning. If you find that you are not ready to be left alone with your online course and need an instructor, then virtual education is not meant for you. Choose wise and consider all sides before making any important decisions.

Benefits of Online Education

Benefits of Online Education

There are must be some  big advantages in online education since it attracts more students each year. What is it in online learning to you?

You Get Flexibile Schedule

If you go for online learning  you get all benefits of flexibility and convenience of studying at home or any other place of your choice. Basically, you  are the only person to choose the place of study. benefits of online educationInternet access is the only must.  Advantage of  24/7 access to online course materials makes many students choose e-learning. Total freedom of  schedule and country is the best achievement of studying ponline. You can  have full-time job and take online courses.

You Save  Money

While online tutition fee and cost of traditional education varies depending on many factors, e-learning doesn’t require any commuting or housing expenses.So, you can either get the same degree and pay less or spend the same money   but get  a degree of the prestigious University.

Huge Perspectives

If you choose online learning your options will change dramatically. Numerous courses offered online give everyone a chance to enroll in the programs of prestigious universities.You may not  be able to  change your lifestyle and go to study abroad but you can attend   any school in any country. You may never meet in person any top-notch professors of the best universities but you can talk to them from the comfort of  your home. Instant access to communication with other students and professors makes the study process time and cost effective.

Traditional schools give their students  several opportunities to see their instructors during the week but online student will discuss any question without any delay. Many students choose  using interactive tools to have some fun when studying. Try online chats or online forums  and your  study will become more of a socializing then real life.

Videos and other online demonstrations   will make online education less boring and recorded lectures allow to learn faster and remember information at much higher rate. Wide choice or virtual features   gives something to any student, so everybody can find the best option to choose.

Online academic writing services  can assist with  any subject you find to be too challenging for self study. Professional writers will  assist with any paper for very affordable money.

It is true that online education is not for everyone but nobody can deny numerous benfits of the virtual study.  Even you you do not dare to  make your educational experience so different from traditional schooling, it is still worthy to learn more about e-study. Ultimate  flexibility of  virtual study is gaining more fans and who knows, you may find you to eb one of them next semester.



Have Fun When Studying

Have Fun When Studying

You have surely waited for studying in college- your first chance to live independently. But being on your own is not only about freedom, while nobody tells you what to eat or drink, you should also learn to make right  choices.

It is cool to be an adult in your college life, you are free to come home late or go out as often as you wish. And if you you do want to remember college as best time of your life, have fun! But having fun and studying should go together. You do not plan to give up your study, do you? So, let’s see how to play the game and win.havefun

Many students start with wasting their money. It is so challenging to  plan monthly expenses when your parents do not control you. But the hardest task for any freshman is to learn time budgeting.

It is very tempting to enjoy nightlife, many students that come to colleges or universities make the same mistake. Many freshmen start with spending mornings in class and then afternoons  are given to friends. Some evenings are devoted to studying  and many students study real hard. And nights are meant for fun. When it gets dark, the music sounds so tempting  and parties start everywhere. And you already find yourself flying away from campus, just like a moth to a flame. Let’s have this party started!

You can choose to party every night. Your parents are no longer there. But if you dance the night away, what are your chances to come to class in the morning? So, do not make the mistake that many freshmen start with. The parties are always fun,  as long as they do not interfere with your schooling. It won’t bring much pleasure to get the worst grades ever or to spoil your college career by the first semester end. Unless you have reliable assistant like professional writing service, you can not go our every night. can be your partner in having fun. While you continue enjoying life, your academic papers will be written by experts in your subject.

And if you are determined to finish the college you chose, it is good time to  be wise. The best you can do is to try following the advice from those who have been on the same boat. Try studying from Sunday to Thursday and leave Friday and Saturday to have as much fun as you can.

Make college  the most extraordinary time of  all your life!  Failing exams or semester will certainly be remembered. Perhaps, these are not the memories you want to keep. Unless you do not care about your future, it is great to have a good start and college should become this start.

Make every class count, make every party blast away your brain. Make clever choices.

Exam Stress. Part II

Exam Stress Part II

Best Tips to Win Your Stress

We all experience stress during the study at college or university. Since there is no way to avoid it  let us  see what can be done to deal with it. Never let it  take over your life! It is you who make dicisions and wins NOT your stress.You can find the way to  pass your tests well  and it is not necessary to imagine the worst for weeks.

We suggest some tips  that really work for keeping stress low.  Final exams  do not last that long and you are  mature enough to survive this  week. Keep in mind, the tips we give you do work, so might wish to share them with your friends.

exam stress-2
1. No pressure from workaholics.

It is easier to get stress from someone who is actually spending days and nights in the libararies and lives on caffeine. Stress can  be contagious. Don’t panic just because your classmate aims to impress all your professors with his super-knowledge. Never listen to those who complain all the time, their whining will add to your own stress.

2. Eat wisely.

You heard it so many times, but it doesn’t change healthy cereal, veggies  and fruit will keep your brain working. It is all simple they make your blood sugar stable, so your mind is clear and ready to  memorize. Short walks, swimming  pool or even 15 minutes in the garden will freshen your  thoughts better than any coffee.

3. Everything can wait.

Don’t blow off  your study. It is not always easy to resist the urge of doing something else. But unless you learn to  ignore the distractions, you will fail your exams. It is all right to stay selfish for a week and than pass all exams well. At this point you should concentrate at good GPA. The rest of the world can wait.

4. Meditation.

If you are determined to succeed  simply imagine that it all goes well. Pretend that you are taking the most dreadful test and then visualize how you succeed. Picture your teacher putting the A on your paper.Thinking positive makes you believe in happy ending. And if you believe strong enough, it will come true. Meditate, pray, choose any spiritual support you need but unless you are sure it will go well, it won’t.

5. Confidence mood

You studied hard, you did your best to get ready. Now it is high time to take the test with  every grain of confidence you can find. People have this mysterious ability to “smell” your fear. Unless you conquer it and don’t turn on your confidence mode, you have very few chances to ace any test.

6. Turn to experts

It might happen that you  try your best but can not find enough time and energy to grasp all the information. Turn to professional academic help. will give you a hand with   any final or term paper. We hire qualified writers to make sure that every student can get needed assistance of the highest level.


Exam Stress

Exam Stress  Part I

Wrong Ways to Cope With Stress.

Every time exams come faster than you expect and there is no way to avoid some stress.  But panic attack is probably not the best  way out. Let us look at other wrong actions. It is easier to say than to do but once you are aware of potential problems it is more realistic to find  proper way out.

1. Pretending

If  you choose to pretend that exam stress doesn’t exist and carry on as usual, it will be a relief. But it will be a  short term relief.  First, you are the winner: while your classmates spend  nights at the library and keep revising you stay calm and relaxed! You continue going to the parties and have now worries. In the long term  it will end up in failing your exams. The sooner you admit the problem and start revising, the better chances you  have to pass this challenging time successfully.

2.  Giving Yourself a Hard Time

Ignoring the problem is wrong but responding to exam stress by too much anxiety is even worse. Too much of thinking and worrying won’t make you study any better. Stressed mind tends to think and remember slower. We all go through this stage at some point. Try using your inner voice to stay disciplined.  Don’t be too negative and  demotivating. Beating yourself doesn’t help. Give it a break, walk your dog, take a bath, listen to your favorite song. And then use your energy to find better approach to make your study effective!exam stress

3. Unrealistic Expectations

Every failure starts with setting  unrealistic goals. It is easy to be depressed if you target for something impossible to reach. If you expect your memory to grasp all semester program in a week, you will obviously fail. Unless you have some supernatural abilities, start with realistic palnning.

4. Excluding Fun

Many students make common mistake when they decide to focus on the coming exams completely. While this  decision is reasonable to some extent, your brain still needs some rest. If you decide to exclude all fun and entertainment you will feel exhausted sooner than expected. Make short breaks and do  things you enjoy to give your mind and body some time to rest. If your memory is overloaded  you will never be able to digest  all the information. Half an hour break can boost your energy and speed up the process of study.

5. Wrong Diet

If you rely on coffee or energy drinks to make you more active, you will end up very disappointed. They will definitely help you to stay awake  for few hours, but then you  have to pay with  depression and anxiety. It is highly recommended to keep a balanced diet instead. Exams preparation is a good exuse for pasta, pizza, chocolate, fruit and candies. Eat lots of vegetables and drink plenty of water to make sure your brain  is well hydrated. Sleep long hours to restore your energy.

Even if you study well and manage most of the ongoing tasks, exams  take much more effort. Get some help from the experts of! We are available 24/7 to assist with any academic paper.


Ready for College? Tips for Seniors

Ready for College? Part III

Sevenready for college-3 Tips for Senior Students

Are you a High School senior? Then you are almost there! It is very tempting to enjoy your last teen years of freedom but it is high time to become serious about making choices. Choosing a college will influence all your life. Your future career depends on making  the right choice.

Consider narrowing the list of potential colleges to 3 or 5 and  start planning visits to their campuses. Most colleges allow visits throughout the school year.

Seven tips below will give you some idea of actions you can take to improve your chances.

  1. Start with scholarship opportunities. Research the information given online first and prepare some questions to college recruiters. If you act wisely, you have good chance to waive your application  and tuition fees.
  2. Make sure you submit FAFSA forms once your parents complete them. You can also remind your parents that they are expected  to do their taxes earlier than usual to assist you.
  3. Try taking the SAT  as early as possible.  This way you will get extra time  for other applications. First study deadlines carefully and make a list of applications that are due later.
  4. Consider collecting letters of recommendation(references). You can talk to your teachers, coaches, anyone who can  recommend you as a good student.
  5. Don’t give up on  reading classics. If you manage  to read  college book list, your first year will be much easier.
  6. Start working on essays. Take some additional classes on writing  or turn to professional writers. is always willing to give you samples of the highest standards in academic writing.
  7. Spend some time on the applications. First, learn all advice from the colleges and act accordingly.

Scholarship applications take time. Once you  make a decision to apply for one, start planning your actions. Make a list of the needed papers and start collecting them.

Consider attending some summer orientation, but first you should decide which college you choose. You can not physically go to 3 or 5 colleges in one summer. So, spend your senior years wisely. Choose your future and make  your first steps to get there.


Saving for college

Ready for College? Part II Saving for College You can’t deny  that no college is cheap. You might think you can’t afford  any college education, but you can, if plan wise and choose right  strategy. It won’t take much research to discover that college prices are different and they obviously depend on the level of school you choose. Careful research can also demonstrate that most of the college are not that expensive. It turns out that many parents don’t even start planning or thinking about money required for higher education until  pre-teen years of their children. So, they do not make any savings. High school years suddenly make them think that  … Continue reading

Ready for College?


ready for college-1

Ready for College? Part I

It is never too early to start. Your adult life starts  already in High school and if you plan wisely your future education will go smoothly.

When you enter High school you already have to make an important choice – you choose the courses you  will take. It is  certainly easier to pick only the classes that are needed for graduation. But some challenging courses will give you  huge advantage in preparation to college.

Most colleges have a list of basic admission requirements which are often different from  your high school  list of graduation requirements. We list some key subjects below to give you better idea of the most basic demands. suggests  assistance of professional writers in any subject.

While some knowledge and skills can vary, there are always some  subjects like math, language arts, science that will matter the most when applying for any college.

  • Science ( At least 2 years)
    Choose biology, physics and chemistry to be prepared  for  future college. You may find them challenging but unless you know how things around you work you will never understand the world you live in. Many scientific concepts and discoveries will help you to adjust to your future study and life in the community.
  • Language Arts (At least 1 year, better 4 years)
    You won’t succeed without reading and speaking. Writing is also a must in any schedule. People will never take you seriously if   make mistakes in reading  or writing. If you are able to speak clearly and express your thoughts well, you will be successful in any subject. You may end up studying medicine or astrophysics, your language skills will still matter.
  • Math (At least 3 years)
    Although you use your laptop or tablet daily, you will still need to understand numbers to solve problems you face in real world. Logical and abstract thinking doesn’t hurt. It is recommended to take two years course of algebra and at least a single year of geometry course. It might be a good idea to take math for all 4 years of your high school education. 

Globalized world  make many other subjects to be important. You can not expect any serious college to consider your application if your schedule won’t include  the following subjects.

Foreign Languages The more foreign languages you study the better you understand other cultures. It is very important to include at least 1  other language in your study plan even if you are not planning to  study abroad. No matter if you  are planning to go travelling or to make your future career in  international company, you will find good use of any foreign language you know.

Social Studies Economics, history, geography or civics   will prepare you  to understand college-level terms and definitions. Choose at least  one course of social study and stick to it for 2-3 years.

The Arts (Including Drama and Music)  No one expects you to have some special talent in Arts. But general knowledge will surely help to discover your creative side and broaden your horizons. Choose dance or music, drama or visual arts – anything creative will   help you to socialize in the future.

Online Tutors

Online Tutors

In the world of computer technologies we go online to entertain, to get some useful information, to communicate  and even get  a degree. Twenty years ago online degree made no sense but  since it started gaining popularity more and more students prefer education via internet to studying abroad. Going to foreign country might be too challenging while online university can give all advantages of international degree. On the other hand, studying online involves a lot of planning, independent work and tutors

If you have made up your mind and decided to start your study online, you will surely need help. Actually online tutors are often hired to assist by adult learners or international students abroad as well. Private tutoring is the best way to get the explanation from professional educator and ask those questions you will   never answer independently.

There are numerous platforms that allow you to choose single class or tutoring on ongoing basis. Isn’t it wonderful to have an opportunity to consult the best experts in any subject from the comfort  of your home? You can arrange your own schedule and choose the tutor you like. It is highly unlikely any university will give you such a chance.

Another huge advantage of online tutor is 24/7 availability. Most of online educational services offer  tutors living around the globe, so you have wonderful opportunity to pick the one in needed time zone.  Online tutoring is cheaper than face to face private classes, thus it is affordable to many students.

ESL students  can benefit from 1-on-1 classes with native English speakers. Math students can get solution to any problem. Basically, there is hardly any subject that can not be assisted online. Broad skillset and multiple levels of professional expertise are offered by  many educational platforms. offers reliable services of professional educators for those students who seek help in writing of academic assignments. We employ experts in broad  range of subjects to give you a hand with any task of any academic level.