Favorite Best Tips for Budgeting in University. Part 2

If your first month in uni was overwhelming and you hardly had much time for thinking and planning, now it will be great to calculate how much you have actually spent during your first weeks of study. We bet your expenses exceeded your expectations. It is obvious that first few weeks you spend more than normally because you have to pay for study materials, your rent, etc Now, when you are pretty much settled, it will be great to consider where and when you can save to make your ends meet. Let’s see. First, you must be surprised with the money spent on clothing and accessories. Actually, you do not … Continue reading

Favorite Best Tips for Budgeting in University

Part1. First semester in university is always tough. Even if you are not ready to admit it to others, be honest and tell it to yourself: I have never thought it will be THAT hard. Thinking of thousands things you never even suspected exist, taking care of all your needs and managing dozens of new subjects. Unless you are a Superman, you will fail most of the staff. And you know what? It is OK to make mistakes.  We all do. These few tips will help you to make less mistakes or at least will warn you against many of them.. Managing finances is a problem even for most of … Continue reading