Ready for College? Tips for Seniors

Ready for College? Part III

Sevenready for college-3 Tips for Senior Students

Are you a High School senior? Then you are almost there! It is very tempting to enjoy your last teen years of freedom but it is high time to become serious about making choices. Choosing a college will influence all your life. Your future career depends on making  the right choice.

Consider narrowing the list of potential colleges to 3 or 5 and  start planning visits to their campuses. Most colleges allow visits throughout the school year.

Seven tips below will give you some idea of actions you can take to improve your chances.

  1. Start with scholarship opportunities. Research the information given online first and prepare some questions to college recruiters. If you act wisely, you have good chance to waive your application  and tuition fees.
  2. Make sure you submit FAFSA forms once your parents complete them. You can also remind your parents that they are expected  to do their taxes earlier than usual to assist you.
  3. Try taking the SAT  as early as possible.  This way you will get extra time  for other applications. First study deadlines carefully and make a list of applications that are due later.
  4. Consider collecting letters of recommendation(references). You can talk to your teachers, coaches, anyone who can  recommend you as a good student.
  5. Don’t give up on  reading classics. If you manage  to read  college book list, your first year will be much easier.
  6. Start working on essays. Take some additional classes on writing  or turn to professional writers. is always willing to give you samples of the highest standards in academic writing.
  7. Spend some time on the applications. First, learn all advice from the colleges and act accordingly.

Scholarship applications take time. Once you  make a decision to apply for one, start planning your actions. Make a list of the needed papers and start collecting them.

Consider attending some summer orientation, but first you should decide which college you choose. You can not physically go to 3 or 5 colleges in one summer. So, spend your senior years wisely. Choose your future and make  your first steps to get there.


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