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We strive to achieve the highest level in the field of academic assistance. Our HR Department is always looking for the best freelancers to make sure that our customers get the best in the world writers. We have made some important steps towards this goal since 2008.

Our Writers

All freelancers working at have expertise in their field of study, so we can find an expert in virtually any discipline from biology to business administration. Another important requirement is professional writing experience. Every expert we hire was working for at least 2 years after getting his advanced degree. is incredibly selective- we hire the best of the best. All writers are Master`s or Ph.D. holders. We make sure they graduated from the best universities in the English speaking countries. Thus, our writing team is perfectly capable of finishing any task of any complexity. is proud of great editors and proofreaders. Every order is carefully checked to ensure that academic standards of construction and formatting are met.

Hiring Process

When some writer is willing to join our company, we offer a number of tests to determine the level of competence. We test English expertise first – every writer takes online test, based on IELTS and TOEFL. While 90% of our writers are native speakers, we do hire some qualified ESL experts. Some customers prefer ordering from not native speakers to make their papers look natural.

Second step of our test involves academic styles tasks. Potential writers demonstrate their knowledge of formatting and structuring of academic papers. If a freelancer passes these two stages, we offer writing a sample essay. All applications are assessed by the Head of Writers Department on individual basis.

Assessment Criteria

Every sample essay is checked for grammar, formatting, competence and readability. While our main concern is the level of expertise in the disciplines, we still care for academic standards. After evaluation of all 3 tests, the Head of Writers Department makes a decision regarding writer’s level to make sure that all papers will be assigned to the most qualified writers.

Monitoring the Progress

Even the most qualified personnel requires proper control and motivation. We monitor the progress of every writer with the help of professional editors. Writers Department and Editorial Department work together on achieving the best results. Our editors are obliged to evaluate the quality of writing in addition to grammar and style corrections. They report to Writers Department on our best and worst writers. We do not rely on human recourses only. Our automated settings allow to monitor the number of revisions, complaints and appraisals of every writer. The Head of Writers Department updates the list of our BEST writers weekly to guarantee you can order from current top writers.

We Hire Around the Globe freelancers live all over the world in different time zones. While we usually hire native speakers, many of them are expatriates. Retired professionals and ESL teachers are often travelling, so we can find a suitable writer 24/7 due to time difference. Our Writers department can accommodate any task according to your preferences. You can choose US English or UK English when ordering. If you prefer your order to be taken by ESL writer, please mention it in your instructions. Please choose your language preferences in the Order Form.

How Your Order is Assigned

As soon as the order payment is confirmed, it becomes available to qualified writers. Our system shows orders to the experts in relevant discipline. We comply your order instructions with writers' backgrounds and skills to achieve the best results. Current workload of the writer is considered to assure that he/she can concentrate on your paper. So, every assignment will be completed in accordance with your instructions and expectations.

Quality Assurance

We understand your concern about quality of the paper you order online and keep working on improving our custom writing services. Our Support Agent can recommend the list of BEST writers to choose a preferred writer for your order.

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