Why Should Plastic Be Banned?

In recent years the question of whether to ban the use of plastic has continued to rise, especially since people are realizing the damage it is doing and their desire to save the environment for future generations to become even more important. than ever to understand the reasons for the effects of plastic in this case plastic should be banned matter, we will get into the nature of plastic, what it does in the environment and the growing debate between whether plastic should be banned or not.

500+ Words Essay on Plastic Should Be Closed

Plastic bags are a major cause of pollution. Plastic as a non-perishable material and as a result plastic bags remain in the environment for hundreds of years polluting them. It has become very important to prevent plastic bags from completely damaging our planet. Many countries around the world have put a plastic bag or Levi’s tax on it. However, the problem was not completely resolved because the implementation of these measures was not successful.

Problems Caused by Plastic Bags
Here are some of the problems caused by plastic bags:

Plastic bags do not rot. Therefore, disposing of plastics is a major challenge. T

Environmental Deterioration
They are wreaking havoc on the environment because of their harmful effects. Plastic bags have become a major cause of pollution today. Plastic waterproof bags are a major cause of water pollution. We can therefore conclude that these areas are deteriorating in every way.

Dangerous to Marine Animals and Creatures
Animals and sea creatures eat plastic particles and their food unknowingly. Studies show that discarded plastic bags have become a major cause of sudden animal deaths.

Cause of Illness in Humans
The production of plastic bags releases toxic chemicals. These are the main causes of serious illness. A polluted environment is a major cause of various diseases that are easily spread to humans.

Closed Sewage
Dirty plastic bags are a major cause of blockages in sewers and sewers, especially during the rainy season. This can lead to a flood-like situation and disrupt normal human health.

A Short Essay on Should Plastic Be Banned
People are increasingly aware that plastic is harmful to the environment and if we continue to increase the use of plastic we may be creating a more dangerous environment sooner than later. In this article when plastic is banned it is important to understand that plastic itself is not harmful when used, or recycled and recycled, rather than discarded plastic on roads, soil and water, and single use. plastic bags discarded in the same way and cannot be recycled. Plastic is a non-perishable material and it takes eons to decompose so it is only natural that when such materials increase and the threat to the environment increases.

Many countries such as Italy, Bangladesh, China, and Kenya have taken steps to ban the use of plastic and are not available to the public at any check counter. However, there are many countries that have not accepted this, as it is also harder to find an alternative than plastic that is easily decomposed and environmentally safe. Therefore, instead of completely banning the use of plastic, we should find ways to recycle and recycle plastic so that the dumping of plastic does not damage the environment.

Long Essay on Should Plastic Be Banned
In today‚Äôs world where everyone is trying to find ways to make our lives easier with new discovery, plastic has become as much a part of everyday life as it is simple. Disposable carelessly without recycling, it causes damage to the environment in various ways leading to land pollution, and when it enters the water it damages aquatic life leading to water pollution and when the plastic is burned just to avoid damaging other natural bodies it produces cancer. toxic fumes that lead to air pollution. So, in this article, if plastic is banned, let’s understand the consequences if it can be recycled and if there is another way to do plastic when it is banned.

Reasons for Ban of Plastic

  • Plastic can withstand all weather conditions and when garbage travels through the air or water and reaches the sea or gets stuck in lands and trees and damages these areas as it does not rot because it is made of non-renewable materials.
  • The power required to drive a car 1 mile is used to make 9 plastic bags and this measure is unreasonable as the used plastic bag is useful for only 11 minutes to carry things and then discard them.
  • The Environmental Health Perspective reports that plastic parts mimic hormones such as estrogen and this causes serious damage to our health as it disrupts the natural balance of hormones in our body.
  • It is a threat to wildlife that recklessly eat up discarded plastic and their food. Many aquatic animals such as tortoises suffer greatly as their digestive system gets stuck in the plastic and dies.
  • Plastic bags are not easy to recycle as the recycling rate by recycling centers is only 5% so it is a tedious task.

Plastic Prevention Can Be A Problem?
In this article, once plastic is closed, it is very important to point out the fact that there are many health and environmental groups around the world who argue that the ban on plastics can be problematic to state the following reasons-

  1. Plastic is not a big part of the pollution and the issue of waste collected in natural bodies and only a small portion of this waste is plastic so instead of closing down recycling and recycling should be encouraged.
  2. When consumers are deprived of so much of their daily life they may switch to even more dangerous alternatives.
  3. Consumers may do damage by other means, such as by not adhering to clothing that is inherent in nature or by having more meat as they feel responsible for recycling and reusing.
  4. It will take a long time to find another safe and reliable way to plastic.

Effects of Plastic Ban
Let’s understand the following effects when the use of plastic is prohibited –

  • Reduce plastic waste and keep our roads clean.
  • Producers should upgrade their game and come up with improved technology using bigger staff to create more environmentally friendly methods.
  • It sends a global message about the importance of keeping the environment clean and raises awareness among people about the depletion of the earth’s natural resources.
  • The green home industry will receive greater support and investment to come up with solutions.

To conclude this ‘plastic should be banned’, it is safe to say that like any global problems affecting the environment and people in general it is not easy to find a solution so we can only rely on time to see what works and what does not find and yet alternatives can rot and instead dump waste re-recycling and disseminating awareness of its importance, in this way you can contribute to maintaining the sanctity of nature.

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